10 Ways to Fix Windows Phone

Intro: Windows Phone 7 could be amazing. It’s not, yet. Right now, it’s a good start. This is what’s broken, and what Microsoft has to do to make it truly awesome.

Key Points:

  1. Multitasking for third-party apps—or at least fix the damn resume time
  2. Make Xbox live awesomer
  3. Embrace the Zune cloud
  4. Make Zune, Xbox Live and Windows Phone more integrated
  5. Fix the Marketplace
  6. A non-stupid YouTube app
  7. Re-organize Live.com
  8. Integrate Twitter and Flickr too
  9. Universal search and app organization
  10. Update. A lot. And quickly

My take: It’s getting close to Holiday Season, so it’s cool to see this redactor making his list already;o) I don’t see any of these missing feature lacking for Mass Market use of WP7. So I have no problem Microsoft striking the market with this version and upgrading it next year! Go, Microsoft!

Link: http://gizmodo.com/5673838/10-ways-windows-phone-is-broken

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