Apple compte intégrer “massivement” Facebook dans ses produits ?

Intro: Selon des sources proches du dossier, Apple serait sur le point de concrétiser un partenariat relativement important avec le célèbre site de socialisation Facebook. Le but pour la firme de Cupertino serait de pouvoir intégrer Facebook dans l’ensemble de ses produits tels que Ping, iTunes, iLife et iWork.

My take: Apple has never been good when it comes to “social” in its broad sense. They have difficulties communicating in a natural way (we are not communicating on unreleased products) and, beyond professional Customer Service Agents, there’s no real humanity in this brand. Facebook is very much listening to its audience and can even step back (which would be seen as an unacceptable trade-off by Steve Jobs, OC) if a decision is not accepted (remember privacy matters?). So i think they could partner much more likely, especially since Apple decreasingly needs Google…

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