Comcast Says Its Disappearing Subscribers Aren’t Cord Cutters

Intro: Comcast lost 275,000 cable subscribers last quarter, and has lost 622,000 in the first nine months of 2010. More evidence of “cord cutting”? Nope, says the cable giant. It’s evidence that the economy sucks.

Key points:

  • So we’re still stuck where we’ve been for a while: Lots of people–many of whom are the kind of people who read sites like this one–say that cord cutting is either here or inevitable. And the incumbent cable companies say they see no sign of it.
  • Back to Comcast’s earnings for a second: The company would like investors to note that the customers who do stick around are handing it more money than ever. The average video customer now pays Comcast an average of $130 per month, a 10 percent bump.

My take: The ever-lasting debate about Early Adopters and “Mass” will pursue for a long time. The good news is that, if you leave the technology debate about How will the user connect? (cable, web, airwaves, DSL, satellite…), we see that a significant part of their audience is spending (and more rather than less) for perceived as valuable services. And that’s a good sign for sustainable business models reaching the “Mass“…


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