Is Apple About to Cut Out the Carriers?

Key point: if Apple is doing an end run around the carrier by putting its own SIM inside the iPhone, it could do what Google with its NexusOne could not, which is create an easy way to sell a handset via the web without carrier involvement. Much like it helped cut operators out of the app store game, Apple could be taking them out of the device retail game. Yes, carriers will still have to allow the phone to operate on their networks, which appears to be why executives from various French carriers have been to Cupertino in recent weeks.

My take: to be followed closely; Apple would then commoditize some more connectivity to strengthen its relative power on the ecosystem. Another example on how carriers fail to embrace innovation! Alex Osterwalder said in Business Model Generation (one of DiCoDE’s key references) that they gave up Infrastructure and Innovation to focus (and we see it increasingly in France and in Belgium e.g.) on Customer Relationship. A tough battle against Apple…


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