Google’s View On The Internet’s Future

Intro: Dr. Vinton G. Cerf, “The Father Of The Internet” and VP, Chief Internet Evangelist for Google gives OgilvyOne Singapore a view into his crystal ball on what the Internet will be in the future.

My Take: Well, I hope there are other people thinking about The Future of The Internet at Google than this guy… or that the editor did a very bad job cutting the interesting part or… anything but that’s such a lame vision of the future! Mobile? OK… High-speed connections? Well… and Interactive product placement… that’s all?

My vision is DiCoDE – the future: NUI taking over GUI, hyperconnectivity (indeed) bringing always ON connectivity, User Context enabling any data to be smartly, conveniently and with relevance connected to a layer of services. All this embedded in an experience way… That’s what I’m writing about in DiCoDE – the book!


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