The Nook Color Might Be a Better Android Tablet Than We Thought

Intro: The Nook Color’s built on top of Android, but seemed crippled in its potential to be a killer Android tablet by the way it’d run apps. Well, the reality is, it could be a solid little Android tablet after all.

My Take: Just like many important inventions in the world’s History, the iPhone has seen its use boundaries shaped not by the company that manufactures it but by its users (or more precisely by their complementors). Only web apps support, jailbreak, a game of cat and mouse… all this triggered structural changes in Apple’s strategy (even if I still keep a doubt on that, I’m sure Steve Jobs knew what a platform is) and operations. I think that’s what Barnes & Noble is doing here: focussing on the 20% they can guarantee at this stage and monitor the Android developers community to see how they could make it evolve, having just to analyze possible Business Models and see impact on its strategy. Smart move!

[Update] Just remembered the concept of “objet valise” and “objet frontière” from one of my professors and found on Wikipedia the translation in english: Boundary Object. This relies very well to this case: having companies creating boundary objects, solid enough to be credible on the market but plastic enough to be manipulated by users and complementors to refine their uses.


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