Multiplatform radio gets a little extra

Key Points:

  • New platforms like DAB, the internet, and mobile apps are all changing the way that radio works. We’re not just seeing new radio stations appear, but also we’re seeing brand extensions: extra radio stations that add to the master brand’s audience figures.
  • A typical radio commentator looks at radio stations, rather than radio brands. Yet, new platforms all deliver additional opportunities for brands to expand and grow: to launch “extra” radio services that retain audiences and grow new ones.
  • additional radio stations, that can only be delivered over new platforms, have the capability of earning significant increases in revenue for the radio business – as well as growing the share of listening to new platforms.
  • “Extra” radio stations, sold as part of a network, allow the owning brand to cross-promote to their other stations without a fear of losing a lucrative listener; and they positively promote new platforms to audiences. Promising more content from your favourite brand, “Extra” services are simple to promote and valuable to the audience.

My Take: all is said! I participated in an interesting exercise led by Julien from Laid Back Radio, delivering under the New Media Consulting company I initiated’s brand a -so called- Radio Manifesto. We see some of these trends are taking shape…


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