The New Media Generation – Adlovers or Adavoiders?

Intro: A few days ago, Hélène (one of our consultants at Cleverwood) attended the GRP Media Session about the relationship between the young generation (between 18 and 22) and the media. The evening was divided into 3 presentations about new researches over this Media Generation. Some of the results were surprising, some of them weren’t! Here is her take for each of them…

Key Points:

  • Being 20 years old in 2010: Media are complementing each other. Each is used for a different purpose. Young adults trust the newspaper more than other media. Surprisingly, the media they trust the least is Internet. 10 years ago, some people were swearing the death of TV. Guess what? TV is still the most important media. The big difference with the “older” generation (22-74 years) is the position of Internet: reactivity and traceability, Internet is recognized as the second most important media of their daily live. This Mobile Native Generation (born with a mobile in their hands) has an analytical, decoding, and critical view on marketing, much more than the “older” generation. Their social life is really important so they aim for a constant presence of social media networks in their lives.
  • Belgians are still “publivores”: 60% of the young generation are watching commercials for fun, not because they have to. Adlovers ?
  • Advertising impact on word of mouth: Online conversations represent only 5% (based on a study of 25.000 conversations), word of mouth still occurs offline, let’s not forget this. Adults talk more about the topics while young people talk more about the brand as such. Young adults personal experience is, most of the time, the first topic of conversation. They want to try it themselves! The increasing usage of New Media and especially Social Media is a nice evidence of this

My Take: Early 2009 I started attending “traditional media events” rather than digital congress. The big mistake of the web was to consider (even if it is true) itself as a different media. Media is an auto-regulated business, working not only on rational parameters (proved by analytics) but also with it’s own (GRP-based) currencies, networks, standards, rules… Don’t break them, embrace them!

In the end, we all know what will happen:  this ecosystem will collapse (and is really starting to for a few months). But before that, if you want to be part of the game, you need to play it by its rules! Being aware of what will change and what will have a major effect. That’s a key advantage!!!


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