Light Foresight Part I

Being very busy lately on the writing of the book (the drafted structure is fixed, so I need to fill it) and other minor things, I am less able to do an active foresight. That’s why I’ll post interesting links with keywords related (or not) to DiCoDE. If you want to exchange around one of them, don’t hesitate to comment!

Here we go:

[Attention, User, User Currencies]’attention-renforce-la-societe-de-l’ego/

[FCC, US, Regulation, TV, Cable]

[Regulation, Copyright, Privacy, Youtube, Video]

[Location, LBS, Context, Mobile, Advertising, Privacy, Carriers]

[Press, Media] and

[Mobile, Apple, iOS, App]

[Mobile, Smartphone, Market Share, Figures] and

[Demand, Economy, Information Era, Industrialization]

[Attention, User, User Currencies]

[Customer XP]

[Mobile, UI, GUI]


[Update] 2 interesting links by the great Mobile Marketer team from the ad:tech conference in NYC and

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